Top GOP Law Firm Withdraws from Election Lawsuits Says Simon Peel formerly of Jitterbit IBM & Cast Iron Systems

Simon Peel formerly of Jitterbit, IBM and Cast Iron Systems Discusses How Trump’s Lawsuits are Politics Camouflaged as Legal Complaints
January 27, 2021

According to Simon Peel, formerly of Jitterbit, IBM and Cast Iron Systems, Porter Wright Morris & Arthur’s firm withdrew from a high-profile Trump campaign lawsuit on the eve of the hearing. The Complaint was filed by Trump’s campaign against the county of Pennsylvania, challenging the efforts of President-elect Joe Biden, where they claimed the county had used mail-in ballots to create “an illegal two-tiered voting system”. 

Porter Wright withdrew from the case in a memo to the court which read that their withdrawal from the case would best serve the plaintiffs. 

Simon Peel, formerly of Jitterbit, IBM and Cast Iron Systems, says that besides the withdrawal of Porter Wright Morris & Arthur from the case, other lawyers representing the Trump Administration also withdrew a lawsuit in the state of Arizona. They admitted that the Complaint would not be able to gather enough votes to alter the election results. 

Trump’s campaign had to face yet another defeat in Michigan after a judge declined to stop the certification of election results in Detroit. 

Simon L Peel Jitterbit (2)While most lawsuits of Trump’s campaign challenged areas that had small pools of votes, Pennsylvania by contrast was challenging 2.65 million votes, cast by mail. The lawsuit was filed against the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Kathy Boockvar, accusing her of “arbitrary and illegal actions.” The Complaint demanded an emergency order to prohibit the certification of Pennsylvanian election results.

With these lawsuits running into difficulties, Joe Biden seems a step closer to formally taking the oath as the 46th President of the United States of America. Legally the state results should be certified by 23rd November. 

Denying all uncorroborated claims of Trump and his supporters, US federal and state officials have already declared that the votes were legal. Furthermore, US cybersecurity experts have revealed that the US Presidential election conducted on 3rd November this year was one of the most secure elections in the history of America.

Expressing his views, Simon Peel, formerly of Jitterbit, IBM, and Cast Iron Systems, says that the failure of multiple election-related lawsuits probably explains why one of the top law firms for the GOP felt it necessary to abruptly pull out of the nation’s most high-profile lawsuits. Legal challenges are an important part of the US democracy, but law firms don’t tend to continue with lawsuits that they feel can’t win. This seems to be a good example of that.

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