Simon Peel formerly of Jitterbit, IBM and Cast Iron Systems Discusses How Trump’s Lawsuits are Politics Camouflaged as Legal Complaints

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January 23, 2021
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President Trump recently delivered a speech about voter fraud and stolen elections and his campaign went about filing lawsuits in multiple states. His ominous statements have compelled people to contemplate whether or not he could get the courts to stop the vote count and change the outcome of the election. Elucidating on the recent lawsuits filed recently in Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania by Trump’s campaign, Simon Peel, formerly of Jitterbit, IBM, and Cast Iron, says that most mainstream political analysts now consider these lawsuits to be an expression of politics rather than valid legal complaints. 

Simon Peel, formerly of Jitterbit, IBM, and Cast Iron, believes it is almost impossible for President Trump to win these lawsuits. He expands on his thoughts by illuminating the fact that national elections are executed by states that comprise the United States and it is these states that decide the rules on balloting, voting, and counting. No federal laws across the country permit the President or the Supreme Court to stop the ballot counting because they don’t like the likely outcome. Even though there are no rules that stop anyone from filing lawsuits, most of these lawsuits are just indecorous or are not appropriately backed by evidence. Judges immediately dismiss lawsuits that are flawed or frivolous.

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Simon Peel, formerly of Jitterbit, IBM, and Cast Iron, mentions how Trump’s campaign repeatedly tried to blame the states for illegal vote counts. Yet every state has strict auditing laws when it comes to voting and counting of votes. It is very difficult to change the outcome of an election through illegal vote counts because that would require a mass conspiracy involving thousands of auditors. Such a thing would be impossible to hide and is both risky and dangerous. People are aware that being caught would mean spending a long time in jail. So far, none of the lawsuits filed by Trump’s campaign have managed to prove that any foul play happened at the time of voting or during the counting of votes.

Simon Peel, formerly of Jitterbit, IBM, and Cast Iron points out that the lawsuits filed by Trump’s campaign are being called a charade in the media who are saying the lawsuits were filed largely to pacify the presidential candidate.  Without any proper evidence, it is impossible for the Trump campaign to win the lawsuits they have filed.  In fact, many of the lawsuits have already been dismissed with prejudice, meaning the claims can never be brought back to those courts again. Most observers are now concluding that these lawsuits merely reflect the Trump campaign trying to use the law to influence the thoughts and emotions of the electorate and are driven more by politics than substance.

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